What is a legacy?

Today, we had a candidate come in for a position my company is looking to fill.

He shared he often thinks about his legacy and what he’ll leave behind in this world. He’s always trying to fill a need or discover something helpful or contribute in a grander way.

It got me thinking: what mark do I want to leave on this world?

  • Yummy food (even though I barely ever cook, so what does that say about me? maybe I just want to appreciate other people’s cooking?).
  • Lots of witty jokes (even though mostly the only person laughing is myself).
  • A great story (mine are usually just.plain.awkward, but that’s ok).
  • Happy tears (my big claim to fame).
  • Hopefully … a novel, or two, or three. Or some kind of creative work that people point to and say “oh nobody else could have made that, it’s SO unique.” (Unlike the stuff you’re not really sure what to call.)


I’d be happy if I left behind any of that.

When I was living in Colombia, I got to see art happen right in front of my eyes. Not only did I see murals left behind with painstaking detail, the students would devote hours upon hours in front of us on their artwork. It’s hard for me to imagine carving out the time for most of those things. But small steps add up. Today, I’ll start.

What do you want to leave behind?


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