Why American TV now is exciting

  1. Fresh Off the Boat: a term for a person who has just moved to America, and a show about an Asian-American family that I somehow relate to for its portrayal of a strict mother, a father always working, and kids jamming to grunge music.19-hilarious-fresh-off-the-boat-moments-that-are--2-30764-1489901334-0_dblbig
  2. Redheads, characters with autism, and strong female characters who speak their mind without a filter? Yes, please. And I’m speaking about an ABC show here! (If you’re interested, it’s called The Catch, and it’s wildly addictive.)tumblr_ooqt5aeww81ris0jto7_500.gif
  3. The relatability of a brown man in the 2000s in Master of None is a gift to all. Aziz Ansari tackles the struggle that is teaching brown parents Google Calendar, what it is to try and make it in entertainment as someone who is not pale, male, and stale (see: below), and just in general life, as a guy who learns as he goes (see: all of us).

As an inbetween American, I love this new wave of television. I am thrilled that Priyanka Chopra was given a role that wasn’t just “be exotic,” that The Night Of included some dialogue in Urdu, and that women on TV also deal with weight issues.

Remember this, from the pilot of This is Us? Or, as we all affectionately call it, the NBC show that introduced everyone to another side of Jess Mariano — I mean Jack Pearson. katescake


This week, Unfair and Ugly comes out – a story about a South Asian family. Just from looking at this image, you may see something that resonates with you, even if you do not come from the same background. 5900db461400001f00a9bfb6

If you’ve had this experience, you know that when you don’t look like the posters or celebrate the same holidays or even have the same relationships as the people in media, it’s harder to even start the conversation about how hard that is.

Please, TV, show more of us that we are still part of the bigger US out there.

When you watch TV, do you see anyone who looks like you? Is that a comfort or a curse?


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