In time…

In time, you’ll understand why parents say the things you do.

You’ll see the logic of the unknowns that govern their lives.

Or you’ll wrap your head around new ideas, beliefs, and myths.

In time, you’ll develop your voice.

You’ll listen to opinions that don’t agree with yours.

Or you’ll be too stubborn to hear anything but those who speak like you.

I hope you take the chance to try a new happiness.

If it’s food, let the taste not be affected by the smell.

If it’s experience, let your thoughts not dictate its outcome.

If it’s belief, let your actions and your pain work in tandem, to guide you forward.

And remember, you can always start again.

What’s the first time you remember starting again? Think back to that experience when you meet someone new and aren’t quite sure about them. Give them the benefit of the doubt, too!


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