Why are you still a Muslim?

After 9/11, a big question I got a lot was, “why are you still a Muslim?” This was often followed by distaste, horror, or anger with my decision to remain in a religion that, until now, hadn’t received much screen time.

My religion for many, now, equates to American lives lost, and atrocities committed.

It is hard to justify in a world where many people make assumptions when they heard the word “Islam” so often equated with something terrible.

It is even harder since we don’t have holiday movies to point to, or music, or décor. Even cheesy Hallmark movies make people equate Christmas with good cheer and good feeling. When Homeland and NCIS depict Islam, it’s never a good thing if someone is a Muslim. On those shows, it’s more about perpetuating the stereotypes, and thus, the fears.

Apparently, it is still a question today, though, “why are you still a Muslim?”.

You know what’s funny? I now actually want to answer it.

Because I do, truly, see God everywhere, and I seek guidance in all that I do.

My religion teaches patience and understanding.

Beyond donuts, beyond hashtags, Islam has given me more in common with you than you think.

Islam taught me what a feminist marriage looks like, and has made my husband and I conscious advocates, allies, and feminists.

One act or belief does not exclusively make me a Muslim, and another make me less of one.

Please, the next time you assume something about what I believe, ask me about the way I believe.


4 thoughts on “Why are you still a Muslim?

  1. I can’t really see that Islam did anything offensive that’s worth to mention. And Muslims are generally too patience and understanding. That would people know if they dared to find out. In fact, Islam is similar to Christianity in many ways.Never stop learning. Ignorance have a to high price.


    1. Hi @SwedishSquadleader! Thank you so much for your insights. I completely agree that Islam and Christianity are very similar – I hope we are able to bridge that gap for people to see that more clearly. Some of my most wonderful friends are of different faiths (or practice no religion), and I think it only mkaes our friendships richer.


  2. The same can be asked of Christians, especially Catholics. Why are you still Catholics, priests rape and assault children, they deny women rights, it’s a bullying and abusive patriarchy.
    I am still a Catholic, but I don’t adhere to any of that, I practice to be a good person.


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