Using my words.

Hello all,

It has been a tremendous amount of time since my last post…I am both sorry for that, and glad I took some time to think without writing.

Since my last post, some things have changed:

  • My roommate is now someone I plan to spend my life (but not every second) with
  • My marital status
  • The weather


  • The outcome of the 2016 election

And for a long time, that last point is the one that prevented me from writing. I was too afraid to write, to put words out there that would be going into the rest of the chatter about an election that means so much to us rightnowandrighthere, but what may not, ultimately, change a lot of people’s opinions or ideas about anything or anyone.

But. This hesitation to write has also trapped my words and silenced my voice, which, as an inbetweenAmerican, I want to revitalize. For my parents, my family, my sister, my friends, my husband/boyfriend/fiancé (I always call him a combination of those), my friends who are family, for the vocal celebrities, those who have stayed purposely silent, for those I disagree with, for those I stand with, and just for all of those who want to speak too.

Our freedom of expression is a right I am going to use.

While I LOVED LOVED LOVED Meryl Streep’s speech, not all can express their views, because they can’t.

I have often faltered in my words because I think I can’t speak them.

But from now on, I am going to.


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