Think, and let think.

In September, I will marry someone with whom I, in many ways, epitomize this graphic.


I like to point out that the only thing we have in common physically is that we are both left-handed (although he always reminds me we do also each have two feet and two hands).

When I first met him, I wasn’t shy, or quiet, and found myself talking with him all night. As an introvert, he taught me the art of the pause and think. When I asked him questions, he would sit there, pause, think, think some more, think SOME MORE, and then speak.

I have a tendency to trip over my own two feet, words that are simple to anyone, and thoughts that keep nobody else up at night.


Because he is thoughtful and deliberate in his speech, he forced me to let him think. I learned the value of a pause from him, of a silent exchange, because it just means you’re not ready to move onto the next thing yet. He taught me that sometimes you need to give the other person space to finish a thought.

But he taught me to think, and let think. Whether you’re someone who needs people around you to give you gold stars (I totally do), or you like to figure things out step by step, and at another pace, you must think, and let think.

That way, the other person can actually finish a thought.

So the next time you’re faced with someone quiet or someone who doesn’t meet you eyes right away because they are thinking through something or someone who doesn’t answer your (millions of) questions right away, don’t forget to think, and let think.

You never know what you’d miss out on.


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