It’s time to stretch out your thoughts.

As we grow up, we turn into different versions of ourselves. We are still us, but we have experiences that shape us and shorten us and (sometimes) stretch us.

When I was younger, I only slightly veered from the safe routes. I strayed, but not too far. I stepped, but I only tiptoed. (I know, I know, as much as I love a good RWOAC, I was only just barely one.)

My wonderful, amazing, compassionate fiancé is studying my family’s language right now. He is studying a new religion. And eventually, after all that, he is marrying me.

The actions he’s taking are not just unique for our families; they are extremely brave considering the (sometimes ignorant) world we’re facing together.

I promise, my post is not to tell you all what an awesome person he is…Or to make you gag…Or to make him turn red…Though all of the stated are pretty fun objectives.

This is to say, that if we work on ourselves, one tiny bit at a time, love really can change the world. If we let it be real.


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