New job, new adjustments

For those of you who don’t know, I recently started a new position.

Man asks teenager holding 'Korean Chicken BBQ' sign,
Actually, it is.

It stretches and challenges me in many ways (including a 40-min commute each way, which luckily has not caused any dizzy spells yet, but does lead me to worry about it on occasion).

It also means sitting at a new desk.

Within a few days, I brought in photos, cards, and small possessions.

Those small changes have helped tremendously.

But…Even better…

I have people around me I can trust to stick up for me. I have advocates!

Alice in Wonderland sits down and says

Ain’t that the truth for so many of us?

As we’ve talked about before, as a woman who works, I feel that there can be certain social norms and limitations in the workplace.

But in the past week since I started this position, I have noticed: I have people on my side!

And that’s just about the best way to start the workday.

Emma Stone, blonde, throws up her hands in the air and gesticulates. She says at the same time,
Yes, Emma Stone, quite so.

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