The Language of Loving a Difference

My parents moved here before my sister and I were born to follow an American dream.

I feel lucky every day that my American story begins in love.

But I want it to continue that way, too.

Modern media has finally caught up with the fact that not all American families fit one mold.

There are finally television shows that include American families that look different from previous generations’.

As a 2nd grader, I moved to Western New York. A lovely place with lovelier people, but kids can be cruel. When I moved there, I brought in a Pakistani dessert for my birthday. I was so excited to share it with my classmates, but only one girl and a few boys tried more than a few bites.

As a 4th grader, I was shown pictures of a birthday party and told, “everyone in the class was invited, but you weren’t.”

As a 20-something, I still struggle to find a spot for my differences.

September 2015. It’s time we saw that differences can equal love.


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