Move over, please.

My roommate and I ride the bus together occasionally. On such occasions, we like to tuck ourselves into two adjacent seats, but here’s the key: If it’s an inconvenience to the others on the bus, we don’t do it.

However, we are evidently some of the few in that category. This morning, we experienced it first-hand as we saw THREE people on the morning bus taking up way more than a single seat.

it’s called Spreading.

And I’ll give you a guess as to whom these three people were.

Are these bad people? No.

Yes, men and women and children are built differently. (Duh.)

They dress differently, too. (And I’m not just talking dresses, skirts, kilts, slacks, pants, khakis…there are differences all around, between genders, around genders, intragender, etc.)

But these people have definitely been  socialized differently.

I’m not asking you to go against science; like some claim, it may just go against science. But FYI, we all find it uncomfortable to sit in a crammed position, no matter what.

And that’s why it is called public transportation. Because it is built for the public.

So instead of taking up two seats for yourself, one for your jacket, and one for your feet, please move over and remember that the public wants to use the public transportation as much as you do.

I am a person who has always tried to shrink myself down. In a truly personal confession, I have been a person who has subsisted on a diet of peanut M&Ms and fries for a week to drop ten pounds before a school play without sacrificing flavor (luckily, my diet has improved quite a bit since then). I have been a person who slouches in movie theatres and ducks down at outdoor concerts. I have moved out of the way of other joggers or bikers or fill-in-the-blank-activity-ers. But I have come to terms with the space my body takes up, and learned that I need to make my space count.

So, please move. Otherwise, I will just start sitting on you


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