Musical realism

Music runs a fervent stream in my head all day long.

It ranges in genres (teenage me will never let me forget punk/indie/rock), styles (boy bands are always a staple), and origin (mysterious, or otherwise).

But music, unfortunately, knows no bounds when it comes to sexism or racism.

Sexism in the music industry has been around for a long time now. But thanks to stars like Miley Cyrus (my Hannah Montana jam sessions were good for something!) and Miranda Lambert, the industry is now getting called out for it.

Racism prevails, too. I love that this collection exists, of songs that battle ignorance and hatred.

My friend (at work, and life) found this to describe the problem with every Bollywood party song. (Even the spoof is catchy!)

And The Guardian points out why women keep struggling to find their voices in music.

It’s not just one type of music. It’s not just one type of people.

So why does it keep happening?


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