How did independence forget about similarity?

We have officially crossed into August 14 (if you go by Pakistan time)…

Which is Independence Day in Pakistan!

Celebrations today range in ferocity, effort, and beauty.

Going to Pakistan to see family meant I was able to partake in some celebrations.

But one of my dearest friends is Indian.

In her country, Independence Day is celebrated the day after.

Indian flag at mast; groups of Indian soldiers on all sides salute the flag
Independence Day in India

If you don’t know why, please read the history, here or in a local library’s history section.

I am not going into the history here, or explain why I am so disappointed by this news, or speculate on what it will mean for us in the future…Instead I want to talk about this friendship.

I remember the first time we realized our differences weren’t so different.

Image with a man that says 'Can there be a peace between us?' as blue lights flicker over his face

You know, to an outsider, people of my color are not always distinguishable. I can be labeled Indian, I can be cat-called while wearing a headscarf, I can be told to “go home” (even though my parents got here legally, and my home has always been in the United States).

But to us, we know the differences.

We know there are some words that are drastically different.

We know our food is a little different.

We know that our weddings look different.

But overall…while we come from places that are now divided by geographical borders, we are more similar than different.

This Buzzfeed article is a beautiful memorial.

And this Dawn article shows how you can forget borders and just see a new home.

And lastly, this is why we really are one, after all.


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