Families, and what we like about them.

In my world, family comes first.

My world is where my parents’ pictures sit right beside my phone at work, even though they are the first thing I see when I turn my phone on. I wouldn’t be lying if I said my parents’ words often come out of my mouth.

If you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls yet (or if you haven’t seen S4 ep2 yet), please don’t watch the following clip (I have purposely not included a transcript) it might ruin some things for you. Just skip down.

In Desi families, this conversation would not be so out of place. Indeed, our families are beyond-proportion-gigantic, and women will often live at home until they are married.

They are the most fascinating, challenging, and inspiring people I know.

And yet…they are still human.

We still fight, and we still have to make up.

It’s not always cool to admit that you love your family.

My family is a facet of my life I have always been proud of, no matter what happens day to day. My family is what has made me who I am.


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