Cross-post plug

Hi All, I published a piece to my fiancé's blog. I wanted to share it with all of you, and gain your thoughts as well. I hope you take a look! There's a chance this could be water Also, he is an incredibly witty and inspiring writer. Check him out. Lots of love, and that's all … Continue reading Cross-post plug


Move over, please.

My lovely roommate and I ride the bus together occasionally. On such occasions, we like to tuck ourselves into two adjacent seats, but here's the key: If it's an inconvenience to the others on the bus, we don't do it. However, we are evidently some of the few in that category. This morning, we experienced it … Continue reading Move over, please.

How did independence forget about similarity?

We have officially crossed into August 14 (if you go by Pakistan time)... Which is Independence Day in Pakistan! Celebrations today range in ferocity, effort, and beauty. Going to Pakistan to see family meant I was able to partake in some celebrations. But one of my dearest friends is Indian. In her country, Independence Day is celebrated … Continue reading How did independence forget about similarity?