It’s Eid! Let the feasting begin. But first…

If you haven’t seen this video, please take a few minutes and watch. It’s the best Ramadan video I’ve seen yet.

As someone without a “mainstream” holiday in the United States, I have learned that my holiday is treated a bit differently.

For instance, I have had multiple supervisors/teachers/professors/instructors refuse to make accommodations for my holiday and even told me my due dates were inflexible.

I am extremely proud to say this changed in New York City, this finally changed in 2013, in a bold move by the Mayor…finally joining other school districts who recognized their Muslim students should be able to deserve to tell their story.

After all, this was the story I often had to tell, growing up.

Now, keep in mind, I live in the US. I do not celebrate the four-day Eid celebration that Muslim countries can (and do sometimes).

And I understand, with Eid being a shifting holiday, it is difficult for supervisors/teachers/professors/instructors, as we cannot predict the holiday ahead of time.

I also know that my holiday is just as valid as anyone else’s.

This Eid marks a tragedy in the United States.

A horrible story broke out just yesterday, the last day of Ramadan. The day before our holiday.

Now instead of celebrating a holiday, the back of my mind is wrapped around the families, the loved ones, the colleagues of the people who lost their lives to someone who claims his inspiration came from my peaceful religion.

Now I have to think, that my holiday will be even more sidelined, even more difficult to justify, even more difficult to accommodate.

But even though my Eid prayers will be done at home, they are with you today, families, loved ones, and colleagues.


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