What else is a comparison but a let-down for ourselves?

On the metro this week, I caught myself looking at the women around me.

easy a

One had gorgeous hair, the kind that is naturally thick without being annoying or triangle shaped.

(Side note: Remember when Anne Hathaway had to have triangle shaped hair for this role?)

princess diaries before makeover

One had J. Crew-esque features; a matching dress, delicate pearl necklace, and makeup that was just barely undone. (She must have watched a YouTube tutorial.)

And instead of thinking to myself, wow, she looks great, I should emulate that, or I should take notes on how she carefully crafted her look to make it look uncrafty, I thought:

Why isn’t that me?

One of my best friends, the ever-lovely Caitlin Morrison, always reminds me that comparison is only comparison, and it accomplishes nothing at all.

She gave me this quote, which I will share with all of you, just because sometimes we need a reminder, half-way through the week, that our love and compassion could be a little greater and our unhappiness and misery could be a little less, if only we allow ourselves to let go of two things.


Share your love a little more today, for yourself, and for those around you.

And next time you admire someone’s hair, tell her. It’s a great feeling to see someone else’s smile, even if you never see it again.


2 thoughts on “What else is a comparison but a let-down for ourselves?

  1. It’s so hard to refrain from making comparisons. Sometimes I feel like my default is to see the good in someone else while simultaneously putting myself down. I really like your suggestion of telling someone, even a stranger, that you like their look. I am also trying to be better about accepting compliments rather than just brushing them off.


    1. I’ve seen that change in you, Gabby! I am so proud of you 🙂 It’s really, really hard work, but I promise you…it’ll be worth it when you start believing in their words, too.


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